From pain to perfect teeth in one year

22 Nov 2016 


“Last year, I was a little bit scared,” Linda said about the first time she sat down in the treatment chair next to Brandi M, Smile Partners’ staff hygienist. She was in a lot of pain.

Linda and her identical twin sister, Flor had just arrived with their parents as refugees from Honduras. They had never received professional dental care.

“Half of their (baby) teeth had decay,” Brandi said, rating the deterioration an 8 on a scale of 10. “They were very shy."

Brandi spent about an hour with each girl, instructing, gently cleaning, applying sealants and fluoride. Afterward, Linda and Flor each took home a goodie bag with brushes, floss and a referral list to local dental clinics.

The twins' mother Lidia told us that Honduran families can only get dental care from private dentists, something way too expensive for poor families like theirs. Our referral got the girls appointments at nearby High Point Dental Clinic.

When Brandi returned to their school this fall, she was delighted with their progress. Both girls sported healthy grown-up teeth and spoke confidently in their new language. “I saw more of a twinkle in their eyes,” she said. “No one can smile properly if they don’t have teeth they are comfortable with. This year, they were very proud to show off their smiles.”

“I’m very grateful for the way Smile Partners has helped turn around our daughters’ teeth,” Lidia said. “Smile Partners runs an excellent clinic with wonderful people.”