Smile Partners Hygienist Awarded for Helping Students "Start Ahead. Stay Ahead."

May 14th, 2018

Smile Partners' Hygienist Tonja Diffner received the Snohomish County Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program's (ECEAP) Community Caring award at their annual dinner on April 26th, 2018. 

The award was given for Tonja's careful and compassionate work in ECEAP programs throughout Snohomish Coutny, where Smile Partner's Pre-K Program provides oral health education and preventative care. Tonja's Community Care award nomination stemmed from one of the ECEAP programs, and a particular parent who was thankful for Tonja's work.

The award was given in the spirit of ECEAP's mission to help Snohomish County's children  "Start Ahead. Stay Ahead." The work of Tonja and the entire Smile Partners Pre-K Program plays a vital role in that mission, helping students to remain healthy an ready to learn.

Congratulations to Tonja and the Pre-K team!