Thank you! -- from Belfair schools

20 Dec 2016

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We are grateful for the following endorsement we received this week from Catherine Shutty BSN, RN, the District Nurse of the North Mason School District.

At North Mason School District, we are once again excited to welcome Smile Partners into our schools.  After a successful dental event at Belfair Elementary, we invited Smile Partners to begin dental screenings and treatments at our other elementary school, so each child in our district can have access to care.
Our students love the staff at Smile Partners; they are friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced.  Many of our students do not see a dentist regularly, so having Smile Partners in our schools helps promote the need for regular dental check-ups and helps connects families to dentists in our area.  Students who are often scared to enter a dentist's office are more at ease receiving care in a familiar setting, like their school.  Once they see that getting their teeth checked out isn't as scary as they thought, they're more comfortable next time they go to a dentist's office! 
If student's have dental issues, like cavities or abscesses, they will become less engaged and more distracted in school due to pain and discomfort.  Addressing dental issues leads to greater success in the classroom.  Our student's are directly impacted in school when they receive quality dental care and parents are grateful for this opportunity. 
We are thankful for the presence of dental programs like Smile Partners, and look forward to continuing the promotion of oral health in our schools!
 Catherine Shutty BSN, RN
District Nurse, North Mason School District